Monday, December 1, 2008

November 30th, 2008: I awoke on Sunday feeling refreshed and energetic. The sun was out, and I realized that I had enough stamina to drive up to Glen Ellen for the day. I called Ann who lives on our property full time and said, “I’m on my way.” My poor car, Bianca, had only been out for a drive once since my hip surgery and on that occasion, we also drove up to Glen Ellen. Today, I put the key in the ignition and her old, German engine turned over immediately and happily. The drive up was warm, with vineyards golden and garnet. When I arrived, I saw that recent rains had filled the meadow with bright green grass. Ann and I had a long visit at our favorite place: her deck. Later in the afternoon, we went out into the meadow and planted wild mustard. Ann scattered the pods, and I sifted a layer of soil over the seeds. We zig-zagged through the back of the meadow, sending out vibes that the rains would cause the seeds to germinate and in late January the mustard would start to grow. Through February and March, we hope that tall, canary yellow mustard flowers will fill the outer section of our meadow.

Then, off to dinner at our local favorite restaurant in Glen Ellen. As we walked into the restaurant, there was our friend Francine, just starting her meal with a pal visiting from Chicago. We joined them and had a terrific visit for a couple of hours. Then, more visiting with Ann, and I headed back to San Francisco. It had been a wonderful, renewing day. It was just the sort of day I needed prior to checking into the hospital on Dec. 1st for my second five day course of chemo.

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