Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30th, 2008: It’s been several days since I’ve gone into my healing center for a visit. Today, I could feel that there were healers who wanted to make contact with me. Curious as to whom they were and what they had to teach me, I lay down on my bed, put on my Tibetan bowls CD and prepared myself to make contact. During preparation, I found it difficult to concentrate on cleaning my aura and running energy but kept moving my intention forward to prepare for entering my healing center. Finally, after some work, I entered my garden and had a good soak in my turquoise-lined tub. Then I lay on the marble slab where I present myself to the visiting healers. The garden doors opened, there were energies that came in, but I couldn’t distinguish who they were or what they were. I lay calmly, asking for clarity.

After a confusing period of time, I realized that I may have shifted into a new zone with my pain medication. For the past month and a half, I’ve used 150 mcg of Fentanyl patches and the pain management has been fine. However, with my tumor shrinking, I may need less medication. Not being able to stay alert with my imagination is a tip off to me that something has shifted. Tonight, I have no memory of who my healers were. However, the message seems to be, “Drop the medication down a level.” I’ll try it. When I change my patches on Thursday, I’m going to apply only a 100 mcg patch. If I experience pain, I can always put on more medication. If not, then I know that the diminished tumor requires fewer narcotics for comfort and a clear awareness. I’ll keep you posted.

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