Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2nd, 2008: I received the awaited call from the hospital: they have a bed for me today! I’ll go to the hospital later this afternoon. I am excited about getting more treatment to end the cancer’s life in my body. After being admitted, I’ll be hooked up to fluids for the next several hours and then the chemo should start tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 2nd.

I would really appreciate if you would read or recite the invocation that was used four weeks ago. When you recite this text, it gives my body confidence that it can contain and manage this treatment. Here is the text again, so that you don’t have to scroll back through the blog. Thank you in advance for every time you say these lines and every time you think of me having successful chemotherapy. Dah, dah, da da….

I welcome two elixirs into my body.
They swim into my body’s river systems.
They insinuate through cell walls.
They’ve been chosen for their willingness to kill.
They are poisons with a longer purpose.
My body will hold their heat.
They will burn my cancer into the bone.
My body understands this.
Each atom, cell and organ knows its destiny.
The mix of health and contagion will end.
Welcome Ifosfamide
Welcome Doxorubicin
Welcome to my body.
Find your way through me.
You have been invited.
Finally, you are here.

From now through my discharge day, Saturday, Dec. 6th, I’ll be in the hospital getting treatments. This is the primo time to recite the invocation. Also, during this time, I’ll be away from my computer, so I won’t be posting any additions to the blog. They take good care of me in the hospital, and I’d appreciate it if you would not call me in the hospital. I’ll be fine. As soon as I’m out, I’ll post a summary of my hospital stay.

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