Monday, December 1, 2008

November 29th, 2008: After a couple of exuberant days including Thanksgiving, today was quiet. I was tired. Mid-afternoon, a deep nap was followed by listening to the Tibetan bowls CD and a trip to my healing center. This visit started with a long soak in the turquoise-lined pool. I could feel my body relax in long, slow pulses. With each breath I became more comfortable in the warm water. Then, a loud whinny from a horse on the other side of the gate let me know that healing energy had arrived and was impatient for entry. Once I was positioned on my marble recliner, the gates opened and a very excitable pony bounded into the garden. It examined me very curiously with it’s velvety and scratchy nose, nudging me to get more information. I enjoyed it’s unstoppable, animal energy. Then, it pushed under my shoulder which caused me to sit up. Next thing I knew, I was on horseback holding onto handfuls of mane as the animal vaulted into the air and took me on a gallop at many hundreds of feet over the inland hills and canyons of the “Lost Coast.” Trees were everywhere. As I looked down, I was stunned by the amount of organic growth that stretched for miles in all directions. At first I wondered how this animal could run with such assurance in mid-air. Then, the horse and the endless forest became extensions of my own animal energy and my strength of growth that’s in my body. I felt a huge wonder at that amount of life, whether it was the diversity of cells in my body or the complex eco-systems on the ground below. I let myself merge into this landscape of life and vitality. I was this landscape of life and vitality. The, with another loud whinny, the horse turned, brought me home, gently deposited me on my marble bed, bounded through the gates and disappeared.

A bit of backtracking; while in the turquoise tub today, I remembered two earlier visits from animal healers that I haven’t documented in this blog. They happened on the same day, shortly after I crafted my healing center, so that would have been October 25th or so. Again, I am in my healing center on my marble chaise. There’s an energy on the other side of the garden door. After the requisite “Are you here to heal me?” question and answer, the doors opened. Much to my shock, a huge cobra rose up in the open door way and moved directly toward me. In the first moments, shock dominated me. This snake extended some twelve feet in length and was probably six to eight inches in width. It looked directly at me as it came up onto my healing marble recliner. We looked at each other eye-to-eye and my first thoughts were, “Please don’t bite me!” The cobra had other plans. To my surprise, it moved its body under one leg, curled over my other leg and then rose between my legs so that it faced me, head in the air and mantle extended outward. I am not terrified of snakes, but I do not seek them out. The cobra held this posture, wrapped around both of my legs and looking directly at me. Suddenly I shifted into a new reality with this snake: I felt its vast, healing strength. I literally experienced why snakes were given the honor of embodying kundalini energy. The cobra stayed upright, looking at me with deep intensity. Then, it slowly uncoiled from me, slipped over the edge of the healing marble bed and left the garden with the doors closing behind it.

That seemed like enough healing for one day, but no. After a time, there was a funny snuffling sound that comically counterbalanced the total silence of the snake. The garden doors opened and a funny, piggish tapir sauntered into my healing space. Its snout was in the air, gathering information like an antenna. I was so surprised to see this unexpected critter that I asked, “What are you doing here?” The tapir communicated telepathically and said, “When I have a baby, I nurse the baby by curling around it, pulling it close. While it’s feeding, I send loops of love around both of us. We nurse in the womb of my love and care. We are wrapped in love. We are wrapped in love.” This final phrase was repeated many times. It moved me that this funny shaped animal had such a powerful ability to give the birthright of love to its baby.

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