Thursday, December 3, 2009

From the bedside

George is peaceful and has entered the dying process. He is not answering phone calls and is unconsious most of the time. He stopped eating on Monday. He is getting wonderful care and we are at the bedside night and day. Please do not drop by, this is George's wishes. Please do not call Maitri as they are busy with 14 people to care for.

We will let you know when he dies, his body will be here at Maitri for up to three days so that you can come by and sit. There will be six chairs available. Hold him in your heart as surely as he is holding you.

Eileen, Gaetano and Wendy


Marilyn said...

Bless you three for your wonderful and deeply caring support of our George, and Thank You for this update. With love, Marilyn Zschau-Baars and Frans Baars

emu said...

thanks for doing the work... Betsy

Gail said...

We are holding George and the three of you in our hearts.