Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27th, 2009:

I am writing this posting much sooner than I would have wished to. The simple fact is that my health is declining much faster than I expected. I am moving into all the expected signs of dying. I have lost my appetite. I have little or no taste for food. I could elaborate on each of these symptoms but why? What I do want to do every day is sleep. Lots of sleep. And then when I wake up, I sleep some more. After a lifetime of spirited living with all of you, it is my time to go. I can't say that I am turning my face to the wall, but I am now finding myself unable to carry on the correspondence. I want to just be with me. That is what I can do now. With some of you I still have appointments, and I shall keep them. Phone calls, yes.

What I can no longer do is keep the blog alive; others will do that. Eileen Lemus will be responsible for the medical information about me. Gaetano will let you know what is transpiring with my physical self. And Wendy will let you know about my all over emotional self. These people will also be sitting at my bedside during my final hours when ever they may start to happen.

It's a big concern that people not start flooding Maitri with questions. To that that end, I have set up a Telephone Tree so that you can get updates regularly from Eileen, Gaetano and Wendy and others that will keep you posted on my health. What I can't do is answer letters, emails and other spontaneous catch-ups about how much we care for each other. Yes we do. I know that and so do you. It's been a lovely life together. Information about my continued progress will be well communicated to you.

I'm sure that you understand that it is my time to just BE. I've talked about this for several weeks now. And now it's happening. For people with air fare tickets, I'll do my best to be alive when you arrive. Thank you, all of you for your wonderful love and support. Yes, indeed, I love you!



tink said...

We love you George!
Your in our hearts and thoughts every day!!

Talia, Arial, Shoshanah and me (Josh)

j.staeheli said...

Dear friend,

I just want to add my love to the outpouring you are experiencing. Rest well in your Be-ing and know that you will always be strong and vivid and lovely for Michael and me.

Jean Staeheli