Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7th, 2009: I’m off to the hospital in a few minutes, but before leaving, I wanted to post my experience in my healing center last night. Once I entered the courtyard where I receive the healers who come with their gifts, I did my usual relaxation in my turquoise lined bath, then over onto the soft marble of my recliner bed. After a short pause, the doors to the garden opened and what entered was the wind. Pure air. That was the healer of the evening; breezes with the most assuring tang of health and energy. All I had to do was breathe, which I do all of the time. I experienced consicous breath for the next few minutes. I felt the healing nature of respiration which is an ongoing gift throughout all of our lives. Also, to consciously be aware of how good it feels to breathe not just into the lungs but throughout the body is a heightened awareness. I lay on the marble couch and enjoyed being alive, sustained by the rich, sparkling health of the air around me.


Ruth said...

Dear George,
You are held in loving protection. Let the medicine do its work. The poison is the panacea. The Great Goddess of the mysteries of transformation shapes and sustains our destiny; Her wisdom governs all processes. I offer prayers of petition on your behalf night and day.
Blessing in the New Year, R

John said...

I just learned how to make a comment on your blog. I have made several comments, but not on your blog.
I will start making more comments because I have been following your progress.
Sending you loving thoughts always