Friday, February 13, 2009

February 13, 2009: What a terrific day before leaving for the Optimum Health Institute. I wrapped up details at work and then my friend Jay and I went to the Tribal Art show at Ft. Mason. This show is the twin of the Arts of Pacific Asia show held last weekend only this time, the arts are from all over the world and more, well, tribal. There were more dealers than ever before, and the booths were fit into every possible space. Clearly there was a big demand to exhibit. Also, there were more dealers from Paris and Brussels with a great deal of very fine sub-Sahara African masks and carvings.

The rug dealers that I’ve known for many years all returned and brought some very fine pieces. This year, there were no world class rugs, rather, very fine examples of good collector pieces. Most interesting, the energy at the show had an exciting bounce and zing. People seemed to be having a lot of fun looking, buying and admiring. It was much more upbeat than last weekend’s show. As one dealer said, “Last weekend was a cemetery, this weekend is a circus.” It felt wonderful to be in the space with so many interested customers and dealers, and I wondered what happened to our recession. It was nowhere to be seen near the Tribal Arts show.

Before I leave for the next three weeks, I have been mulling about what sort of invocation to request as part of my cleansing and detox from chemotherapy. This time, it will be a short few lines that are easy to read and imagine.

Fresh vegetables and fruits feed my body with health.
Deep breaths relax my spirit.
Days and nights where I rest and restore myself.
I am cleansed and invigorated.

That’s it: four simple lines that summarize the experience I want to cultivate. I look forward to a counterbalance to the chemo. After months of rigorous medicine, it will be wonderful to devote my days to a healthy diet, meditation and exercise. As I said in yesterday’s blog, I will journal my thoughts while I’m gone and when I return, I’ll share the highlights with you. Until I return on March 8th, I will be thinking of all of you and feel grateful that you are part of my life and my healing.

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