Monday, October 6, 2008

September 3rd, 2008: After the long weekend, the hospital system moved forward. Dr. Andrew Giang scheduled me for a biopsy on the mass in my pelvis as well as assigning an oncologist to my case. On the 3rd, I left the California campus and took a 14 block ambulance trip to the CPMC Pacific campus ($720 one way). The biopsy was easy: lie on a gurney, receive anaesthetic via IV line, sleep and wake up an hour later. On arriving in the recovery room, I was treated to a pre-warmed blanket that was oh, so relaxing. What a great way to treat a patient. Then I was taken back to the California campus and my familiar room on the rehab ward. I was told that I'd get the results of the biopsy in five to ten days and in the meantime, I could consider myself a hip replacement patient. So that's what I did. I worked at learning to climb stairs and with each day, I felt more confident about walking down the hospital corridors with a nurse or aide in tow.

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